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Apartments in Sevastopol at Crimea in Russia, The alternative to Hotels in Sevastopol

Welcome to Sevastopol-Apartments, the premier travel, accommodation & housing company for tourists and corporate business people. We offer you an improvement to the lodging standards that until now have been found in Hotels in Russia and Russia. As good as a hotel, and often at the price of a backpacker’s hostel or a motel, our holiday accommodations spaces are located in and around the nicest and most central areas of these Crimean cities - if possible in the Old Towns or historic areas with good access to restaurants and museums. When you plan your vacation or business trip, take shelter with the company that cares. Make your reservation online and be our guest!

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What is so special about us?

The hotel scene in Crimea has to be seen to be believed. With 80% occupancy rates all year round, and everyone wanting to stay in Yalta, or by the beach, Sevastopol is one of the hardest cities in the world in which to book decent accommodation for a normal price.

This shortage of hotel rooms has created a market for Sevastopol-Apartments™ who offer high quality apartment accommodation in great locations for a cost comparable or even much cheaper to a similar quality hotel room. The difference between Sevastopol-Apartments and a hotel? There is quite a list, but we are pleased to note that most of the differences are positive. For example:

  • The noise from other residents and cleaning staff is obviously lower in an apartment.

  • The cleaner won’t come into your room at 9am and disturb you after you just got out of bed.

  • You have 24/7 warm water available.

  • Apart from being more spacious, an apartment is just, well, cooler than a hotel room.

Security is significantly better than a hotel. Whilst you do not always have 24 hour security, you do not have your bedroom facing onto what is essentially a public thoroughfare as is the case with hotels. In general apartments are much safer than hotel rooms.  They are situated between the apartments of the locals who live there during the whole year.

You are also free to use your fitted kitchen to cook customary Russian or Ukrainian food which you can buy at the central market and the many supermarkets in the whole city, the traditional market situated on five kilometre.

It is possible to view any accommodation before booking. The costs for this service is $10 per apartment. This amount is refunded when you book the apartment at Sevastopol-Apartments.





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