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Extra services


Personalized airport or railroad transfer:
Arriving in a foreign country, there is nothing like being greeted at the airport by someone who knows your name and welcomes you with a smile. Enjoy our welcome service at Simferopol International airport; you won't need to worry about the language barrier! It is sometimes also difficult to order a taxi, being in different country with a different language. At the airport in Simferopol are of course taxis available, but most of the time they are old, without
Insurance and the drivers take a little more from a tourist.  The taxis are from Simferopol and specialist in their area but not well known with the streets and places in Sevastopol or the rest of Crimea. Instead of the fight to find your suitable transportation between all the drivers fighting for your money at the gate of the arrival hall at the airports, you may order this service with Sevastopol-Apartments.

Our drivers:

Thanks to Sevastopol-Apartments, you can have our driver meet you right from customs/baggage claim, with a sign with your last name on it. The driver will help you with your luggage and lead you to the car. Our driver will wait when you would have any delay with the passport control, luggage, toilet stop  etc. This way you don't have to worry about your drive to Sevastopol. We check online at the Internet all flights arriving.

Safely to your accommodation:
On the 1 hour drive to Sevastopol, the driver will introduce you to Crimea. Please keep in mind that Simferopol and Sevastopol are about 120 km apart! You and your luggage will arrive

comfortably and safely at your apartment. Our staff will be waiting with your keys, and will show you around your apartment.

Upon your request we can provide you with guide / interpreter service as well. When you would like to meet your friend at your place of arrival, this is not a problem as well. Please inform us with her/his name and telephone number. We will make the contact and arrangements and pick her/him up to travel together with our driver and/or interpreter to your place of arrival.

Transfer Benefits:
No queuing for taxis.
No struggling with luggage.
Safer than airport taxis.
English speaking guide on request.
Pleasant trip to your accommodation.
Apartment keys ready and waiting


  • Transfer from or to the airport, train or bus station in Simferopol:$90
  • Transfer from or to the airport Belbek in Sevastopol $50 (max 3 people)
  • Transfer from or to train or bus station in Sevastopol:$15 (max 3 people)
  • Guide/Interpreter service during our transfer from and to Simferopol:$50
  • At request limousine available. Lincoln,  Cadillac or Chajka


We understand that communication is one of the most important things, to make any meeting successful. Good understanding of the others you are meeting is the most important thing at the way of having success or loose all you dreamt about. During your stay in Sevastopol you may want to order an interpreter at our agency. We can offer you this service with English - Russian - Ukrainian and one hour cost 15 with a minimum of 2 hours. Other languages at request.

If you are at the Black Sea Riviera to visit places of interest, taking one of our friendly interpreters with you, is a great idea. They will tell you about the area's architecture, and history etc. Your trip will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. The knowledge, skill and personality of our staff will help you get more out of your stay At the Black Sea Riviera Crimea. Upon arrival, we can inform you upon your request, about all possibilities we can arrange for you to enjoy your stay as much as possible. We offer several tours where all important sites are put together to a fantastic day, never to forget. Or maybe you would like to arrange your own tour? We are at your service to give you a hand. Our tours are of course with western cars or busses and with good responsible drivers, knowing where it is all about to be safe at the road. During your daytrip you may want to use one of our Russian, Ukrainian, German, English, Dutch speaking guides or an interpreter? We will inform you about the possibilities. Just ask us what we can do for you!!!

If it's for business meeting, exhibition, convention, or a seminar, you can be sure our interpreter will be there to help make your meetings with client's run smoothly.

Meeting a new partner
Our staff can help you with the arrangements for your meetings, ordering meals, booking tickets. Getting to know your new partner will be an easier experience. They will even teach you some useful sayings that will be sure to impress your new companion.

Our services include:
Business meeting
Sales representatives.
Conference, seminars, conventions.
Airport meetings and transfers.
Entertainment, restaurants.
Meeting your new partner.
Travel and Sightseeing at the Black Sea Riviera.
Translation of documents with notaries stamps

Tour guides:
Don't spend your time with your head in a map or guide book. Let us be your living map and guide. Let us help you to see all you can by foot, using the public transport or by car. Explore with us the most attractive monuments and museums (more as 2000 in Sevastopol already!). Learn the unknown aspects of this capital city.

At your pace:
All tours are small and personal.. Imagine the ability to spend as much or as little time as YOU choose at any site. No rushing, no timetables, no buses!! YOUR tour, at your pace!! Seeing what you really want to see. All in the company of a knowledgeable tour escort.

Livadia Palace:
Take an excursion to Livadia Palace for instance containing the rooms where the treaty of Yalta was, or to Bakhchisaray where the palace and Harem of the Khan from 1370 is or to 5km where people come to buy antiques and art from the local artists or do their shopping and you can find all.

Some tours:

Interesting guided tours around Sevastopol and Yalta.
Fluent English, Russian, Ukrainian or Dutch, German escorts.
Tours on the Black Sea.
Ukrainian Rural Architecture and everyday life.
Visit the Cave Monastery, what was started by the son of apostle Peter. (Inkerman)
Visit to the Swallow nest at the south beach.
Visit to the Panorama (about the Crimean War) or Diorama (WO II).

Now we have at your request some mobile cell phones available. To use your own handy at Crimea, will cost you a lot. Sevastopol-Apartments is able to rent you one during your stay in one of our accommodations. When you want to use this service, just tell us when you make your bookings. When there is one available at the requested time we give you the number before you leave home.

  • Costs: $25 during one week. (les then 8 days) + called time.

  • Safety deposit $100

Because we can't write all down what we can do for you, you may have noticed something you want to ask. Well this way, you have to send us a mail with your question and we will try to answer as soon as possible. (most of the time, within 24 Hours)


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